Over a decade in the hobby/industry, we’ve pooled our quarantine knowledge and expertise together to offer you the CoralNerd Guarantee.

  • Strict protocol spanning up to 6-weeks in addition to a 5 day observation/acclimation prior ship out.
  • Our 4 independent systems run with Coppersafe®, Paraguard®, Prazipro®, Metroplex®, Aqua-cipro® and Nitrofurazone medicated for most internal and external pathogens.

We do this to ensure fish are free of internal and external pathogens, while making sure they are eating high quality foods for maximum nutrition and immunity.

Unconditioned Items

  • This option is as is from the supplier; therefore, excluded from our 7-day Live Guarantee
  • We will only treat this fish with Seachem Paraguard® dips in a 24 hour span plus another 24 hour in our system for de-stressing & acclimation prior ship out.
  • We cannot guarantee the survival of a unconditioned fish after delivery.

Note: We encourage to fully quarantine all fish after arrival to prevent any or all infections/parasites.